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Abraham and Solomon:

Mr. Jochen Katz wrote: "That Abraham ever went to Mecca is contrary to Biblical records, and none has been able to give me any historical confirmation of this claim."

Mr. Katz, it doesn't matter whether the Noble Quran or Prophet Muhammad's Sayings agree with the Bible or not !.  We the Muslims have our our independent Holy Scripture that we follow along with the commands and sayings of Muhammad peace be upon him.  We do not follow the Bible, nor we believe that the Bible of today is the original word of GOD.

You asked for historical confirmation.  Well, while no one from any side (Muslims or Christians) has historical confirmations, but let me give you archeological evidence that proves the Islamic claim.  Please visit:

Paran in the Bible is Mecca today - See the Archeological discoveries that prove Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia.

Also visit: My reply to your Farthest Mosque claim.

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