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Was Jesus a Capitalist or a Communist?

We have to first of all know that one of pillars of Communism is having a GODless State.  So, my response to this question will ignore this pillar, since Jesus obviously was not GODless.

To me as a Muslim, Jesus was a Muslim.  He was neither a Capitalist nor a Communist, because he believed in One True Undivided GOD Almighty, and he believed in Justice and equality of treatment to all people.  Plus he taught his followers how to love and forgive others, which is what Islam also teaches.

Aside from that, I believe that Jesus was closer to Communism than Capitalism for the following reasons:

1- Communism believes that everyone is equal.  Capitalism's human equality is largely influenced by money.

2- Jesus disliked very much the tax collectors because they were money-driven and money-hungry (Matthew 5:46, 9:10, and Luke 3:11-13).

3- Jesus disliked the rich people and promised that only few of them will make it to Heaven (Matthew 19:23-26).

4- Jesus in points 2 and 3 clearly disliked the "Capitalist" people.  He clearly disliked Capitalism, because this system is all about money.  Human value is precisely determined by the amount of money the person has.

Therefore, I believe that Jesus' materialistic or capitalistic views were much closer to Communism.





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