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* Pharaoh's repentance in the face of death? According to Sura 10:90-92, Pharaoh repented "in the sight of death" and was saved. But Sura 4:18 says that such a thing can't happen. 

10:90-92 says that when Pharaoh was actually drowning and his soul was now being taken, NOW he said "NOW I repent and believe." However, the verse does not say that "Pharaoh was saved" rather it says that Pharaoh's BODY was saved and made a sign and warning for future generations. Further, 4:18 does not say "that such a thing can not happen," rather what it says is that forgiveness from Allah shall not be given to those who wait until their soul is coming out of their body and only then say "NOW I repent" (like Pharaoh did). Forgiveness is only for those who repent before death comes upon them. The verses are:

"....till when drowning overtook him (Pharoah) he said 'I believe that there is no god but the One whom the children of Israel believed in and I have submitted.' What, now? After you had refused to believe before, and were of the corrupters? So this day shall We deliver you in your body that you may be a sign (admonition) to those after you. And verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our signs." Yunus(10):90-92

(Note: Dr. Maurice Bucaille has found salt water embedded in the skin of one of the mummies in Egypt, suggesting that this may indeed be the body of the Pharoah who drowned in the sea but whose body was saved by God and left for us by God as a sign.)

Quite the opposite to his claims, the above verse regarding Pharoah is confirmed, not refuted, by the other verses he has selected which states:

"But repentance is not for those who commit evil till when death comes upon one of them he says 'Now I repent,' nor for those who die while disbelievers. And for those We have prepared a painful torment." Al-Nissa(4):18


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