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Muslim Response by Randy Desmond

...And if you see any man, say[1] "Surely I have vowed a fast to the Most Gracious, so I
shall not converse[2] with any human being today."

Look at the Arabic:

[1] quuli is translated "say" and means to speak/state/profess/propound/tell. It is a one-way
utterance, and not a two way exchange.

[2] ukallima is translated in your version as "speak", but a more accurate version is "converse" (as I
have translated it). This word implies at least an exchange of words spoken with others.

This just goes to show that if your going to profess contradictions in the Qur'an, you'd better make
sure before posting them for the world to see. This also goes to show that the Qur'an is only in
Arabic and is clear in the Arabic because it is in Arabic (and it is not always so clear when it is
translated into other languages).

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