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A Muslim's Response by Shaahin Amiri-Sharifi
Date: Sun Nov 24 22:04 EST 1996

this is to answer:
--Alexander the Great, a Muslim?

--regarding "zol qarnayn" in quran, some though of him as
the same person as alexander the great, which seems not to be
correct. others believ this name is to refer to "Cyrus"
the great, king of iran in 2500 years ago, the great
savoir of jews, which seems to be more exact.
about "zol qarnayn" being "muslim", quran calls abraham
(ibrahim in quran) a muslim, too! in quran it is said that
the religion is one religion to god, islam. meaning that
islam is not a religion brought by prophet mohumed (pbuh)
unprecedentedly, what our prophet did, was to bring the "final"
version of it to people. so jesus (pbuh) was a muslim
and moses (pbuh) a muslim too. being in the right religion
in any time is equivalent to be a muslim.


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