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Response by Randy Desmond to : Are angels protectors ?

Jochen gave us the obvious solution. Let's keep it.

As for the argument that this would make contradictions in the Qur'an uncontradictory because the contradictions would be there by the leave of God, that is a faulty logical arguement.


Because one of the commands of Allah is that you would have found a discrepancy if the Qur'an was not from God. To say that a contradiction is present by God's command is to attribute hypocrisy to God (I seek shelter in God from all evil and ask his forgiveness). God is, afterall, the Truth.

Now, to say God protects, and by his command angels protect is a coherent explanation. It does not attribute double-talk to God, and logically coincides.

Would God say there are not discrepencies and then command that there would be? No way. If you have been following the responses I have put forth, no proposed contradiction has been proven. It is up to you to read what Jochen proposes and what the response is and decide if there is any contradiction at all. I know I am convinced there are no contradictions, but I am still looking at Jochen's web page. Could there be a contradiction? I have enough faith and experience to say that these proposed contradictions are probably misunderstandings. Being honest to ourselves is the most important step in drawing any meaningful conclusion from these discussions.

It's time for my question to the reader. What would you do if you also come to the conclusion that there are no contradictions in the Qur'an? I hope you would become a Muslim because of the simple beauty of its message; God is One, and all worship is for him only.

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