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Brief Response to a comment of Sam Shamoun






Shamoun has written up a response to a rebuttal by Bassam Zawadi, Shamoun’s response can be found her:


The aim of this article is not to refute Shamoun’s whole comment, reason being is because Bassam will be taking care of it.

However so, all I shall be doing is responding to a cheap shot by Shamoun aimed at me.


Shamoun Says

Finally, another Muslim writer named also wrote a response to my paper:


’s rebuttal was so bad that it would be a complete waste of time refuting.


My Response

I would like to thank Shamoun for exposing himself yet again. The reason I say that is because Shamoun and his fellow missionaries often like to accuse Muslim apologists of poisoning the well. Basically what that means is to try and influence the reader before they read anything you have to say so the reader will not take what you say seriously.

So note, Shamoun is very guilty of that, he does not quote any of my rebuttal, but yet tries to influence the reader by a cheap shot in claiming that my rebuttal was so bad, therefore he already manages to influence his reader so they do not take my rebuttal seriously.

So next time Shamoun accuses anyone of poisoning the well, this article will always come up to expose him, so thanks Sam, much appreciated.

Now to my rebuttal which he claims is bad, I will merely quote it to show how silly Shamoun is and how badly he exposed himself.

From my supposed bad rebuttal:

So Sunni Muslims, why are you hiding this piece of information from people, especially from those whom you seek to convert? And, in light of the various formulations of the Shahadah found within the Sunni collections of hadith, which one is the REAL testimony which a person is required to profess in order to become an orthodox Sunni Muslim?


My Response

Well I found the last part of Shamoun's article very funny indeed. Note how he accuses all Sunni Muslims of hiding this shahada, maybe Shamoun should change his profession now to a detective?

To begin with, the shahada is bearing witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.

Secondly, Shamoun is very wrong when he says Sunni Muslims are hiding this piece of information. I myself have heard several shahadas in which the new convert pronounces the shahada which Shamoun brought up! Many Muslims confess that Jesus is just a servant, and Allah's word and spirit when taking the shahada so Shamoun is wrong, no one is hiding anything.

So now I ask Shamoun something, ' why did you just falsely accuse all Sunni Muslims of hiding the shahada you showed when in fact many pronounce it'? Shamoun must apologize for making a false statement like that, he should not be so quick in accusing others in the future or it will fall flat on his face again like it just did.

Thirdly, Shamoun exposes himself again. Shamoun claims Muslims are hiding this information yet he is quoting from Muslim websites!!!!!! He is quoting from one of the main english translated hadith websites, hillarious! So Sam is now guilty of intentionally lying, since how can Sunni Muslims be hiding this information when he is quoting a Sunni Muslim website? If the Sunni Muslims were hiding this information then how is he able to quote it? So Shamoun just exposed himself as a liar, typical missionary I must say.

I suggest that Shamoun chooses his words more carefully next time when he seeks to attack his counter-parts in case it backfires very badly. :)

So note how I exposed Shamoun for the liar he is. In his article he attacked Muslims for supposedly hiding information on the shahada, yet he was quoting from Sunni Muslim sources which are available online!!!!!! Now it makes sense to why Shamoun wanted to poison the well, it was because he did not want people to see how silly he looked, and how badly he got exposed for getting caught in another lie.

Also, my rebuttal was a simple rebuttal, Shamoun’s argument was that the shahada had to mention Jesus, and Shamoun tried to assert not many Muslims knew this etc. I showed that I knew this before-hand and had heard people mention Jesus in their shahada which basically shuts Shamoun down.

So my question to Shamoun is why did you prove that you are a typical lying missionary by claiming Sunni Muslims hide this piece of information when they don’t, and you quote Sunni sources, and if they did hide it how did I hear it?

Shamoun also tries to save face for this lie by saying:

Hiding here does not mean to erase but to downplay, ignore and teach people not to follow it. Think and understand what you are reading before you say something, Zawadi.

Again, this is a lie, because I HAVE HEARD THE SHAHADA WITH JESUS BEING MENTIONED. So once again you are lying, I have witnessed it, so stop lying and thinking you can get away with, or actually keep lying so I can keep exposing you so no one will take you seriously, in fact I do not know how anyone can take you seriously after your sick insulting against me:


So keep lying more, it just helps me more, and it is much appreciated so keep producing your rubbish which you actually think convinces people.

And do not take this personally, I am not trying to be mean or insulting but just stating things for the way they are. You do not expect me to let you get away with cheap shots towards me, no it does not work like that, if I see that you try and carry out a cheap shot against me, and try to influence your readers to look negatively upon me then I will defend myself and expose you to the full.





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