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Does "Islam" really mean to force someone to Islam or else kill him?

Some anti-Islamic Arabic speaking people say that the word "Islam" means particularly to "surrender".  This is a clear lie, because "Islam" in Arabic means "submission". 

Islam is derived from the word Salam which means peace.  When someone says "as'SALAMu alaikum", he is saying may peace be upon you, or peace be upon you.  Islam is not istislam.  "istislam" means surrender, like in wars when your enemy surrenders.  Islam means submission, and it is only used for submitting yourself to GOD Almighty and not to man.   You can't submit yourself to me for instance.  That is prohibited in Islam.   

There are words that are related to the word "Islam", such as "Aslam" which means to convert to Islam.  If I tell you you are better off to aslam to Islam, it means that you are better off to convert to Islam or submit yourself to Islam to be saved by Allah Almighty at the Day of Judgment.  

"Tasleem" means to give or turn in, but it is not derived from the word Salam.  "Islam" is only used when referring to Allah Almighty and the religion of Islam.  It has nothing to do with compulsion.  Plus compulsion is not allowed in Islam anyway:

"Let there be no compulsion (forcing others) in religion: Truth stands out clear from error...(The Noble Quran, 2:256)" 

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