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Karim's Articles:

Questions and Answers:

  1. Is it forbidden to wear jeans that reach below the ankles.pdf
  2. music_and_singing_in_islam.pdf
  3. A response to a fatwa by Islamqa concerning the beard.doc
  4. Examining the dalils for the beard.doc
  5. Ruling of Shaving the Beard in the Shafi School.doc
  6. The Question of Keeping a Beard - part 1.doc
  7. The Question of Keeping a Beard - part 2.doc
  8. The Ruling of Shaving the Beard in the Shafi School.doc

Women in Islam:

  1. A muslimah is like a white footed raven.pdf
  2. Are there bad omens in a woman.doc
  3. Are women compared to animals.pdf
  4. Are women crooked by nature.pdf
  5. Are women deficient in intelligence.pdf
  6. Are women weak in argumentation.doc
  7. Averroes' views on women.pdf
  8. Can a Muslim woman be forced into polygamy by her husband.docx
  9. Does Islam allow Wife Beating.pdf
  10. Does quranic verse 2-223 insult women.pdf
  11. Does_the_Quran_label_women_as_foolish.pdf
  12. Is one male witness equal to two female witnesses.doc
  13. Islam instructs Husbands not to be harsh towards their wives.pdf
  14. List of weak and forged hadith related to womens issues.doc
  15. Marital rape is forbidden in Islam.doc
  16. Men and women were made for the benefit of each other.pdf
  17. Motherhood_and_the_Ideal_of_Filial_Piety.pdf
  18. Oppose women and do not teach them how to write.pdf
  19. The Inner Beauty of a Woman.docx
  20. The Woman is a Ray of the beauty of God.docx
  21. Woman licking pus.pdf (this is not the slang word!)
  22. Women are the most senseless of all.pdf
  23. Women as Mufis and Advisers.doc
  24. Women_scholars_of_hadith.pdf

Women in the Bibles:

  1. A commentary on 1 Corinthians 14 34-35.docx
  2. A commentary on 1 Timothy 2 - 12-14.doc
  3. Biblical law permits rape of female captives.pdf
  4. Biblical Laws on Rape - commentary Deuter 22_ 28-29.doc
  5. Biblical view on a woman's intellect.doc
  6. Does the Bible only prohibit women authoritive teaching.doc
  7. Haughty women are punished in the Bible with rape.doc
  8. How does the Bible view and treat women during their menses.doc
  9. Isaiah 3-17 - foreheads or secret parts.doc
  10. Levirate marriage is viewed as a holy duty in the Bible.doc
  11. More rape in the Hebrew Bible.doc
  12. The book of Job views women as the source of men's unclean state.doc
  13. Women are cursed by the Biblical Lord.doc
  14. Women are inferior to men in the Bible.docx
  15. Women are less worth than men in the Bible.docx
  16. Women are punished again with rape in the Bible.docx


  1. Does Islam permit rape of female slaves or captives.pdf


  1. Did Prophet Muhammad order 900 Jews to be killed.docx
  2. The_Islamaphobe_s_Glass_House.pdf




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