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The use of the "Deplete Uranium Bombs" against the Iraqi civilians in Southern Iraq during the Gulf War:

Note:  Please don't forget to read the "Other related web sites" section at the end of this article.  It has tragic statistic numbers that you need to be aware of.

The following pictures reveal the truth about the barbaric attacks that were done by the United States of America's Armed forces against the Iraqi civilians in Southern Iraq.  The United States used what is called "Uranium Bombs" against the unarmed Iraqi Civilians.  The Deplete Uranium Bombs are exactly small Atomic Bombs!!.

Rebuttal to those who claim that Deplete Uranium is not equal to small Atomic bombs.

The Iraqis did not have nor used any Nuclear Weapons against the US and its Allies.  I am not in anyway defending Saddam Hussein and his barbaric regime.  But why did the Civilized United States decide to attack the innocent IRAQI CIVILIANS with Nuclear Weapons??!!

The following pictures were extracted from http://www.wakefieldcam.freeserve.co.uk/extremedeformities.htm.   This site was sent to me by Noaman Ali; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.  You can also visit http://www.islamicparty.com/commonsense/iraq30.htm.   The link is about showing statistical numbers about the hard times that the Iraqis had gone through for the past 10 years of Sanctions, and it was sent to me by Shakoor Ahmed; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

"In an act of stark cruelty, the US dominated Sanctions Committee refuses to permit Iraq to import the clean-up equipment that they desperately need to decontaminate their country of the Depleted Uranium ammunition that the US fired at them. Approximately 315 tons of DU dust was left by the use of this ammunition.The Sanctions Committee also refuses to allow the mass importation of anti-cancer treatments, which contain trace amounts of radio-isotopes, on the grounds that these constitute '...nuclear materials..'  (Ross B. Mirkarimi)"

And why is the Civilized United States until today (10 years after the war) is preventing Iraq from importing the "clean-up equipment" to clean its region from the Nuclear Radiation that is causing thousands of Iraqi kids to be born with its infection as shown below??!!

iraq8.jpg (37620 bytes)


iraq6.jpg (51158 bytes)


iraq12.jpg (47619 bytes)


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iraq11.jpg (38011 bytes)

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iraq22.jpg (26434 bytes)

iraq23.jpg (38415 bytes)

iraq24.jpg (42474 bytes)


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CNN tells us that Iraq lost more than 1.5 million civilians from the UN Sanctions that are imposed by the United States.

The many breeding grounds of terrorism.  Chicago Tribune News Paper states that more than 500,000 Iraqi children have died from the Sanctions on Iraq.

My explanation to the "Attack" on the US from the Islamic perspective.

Rebuttal to those who claim that Deplete Uranium is not equal to small Atomic bombs.

Atrocities done to Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") section.

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