What has the moon to do with the 19? 


 "And He it is Who created the night and the day and
the sun and the moon; all (orbs) travel along swiftly in
their celestial spheres."
Holy Quran

One can imagine the nervousness of a researcher if he discovers something crucial. How nice, when a human being looks in this moment to the moon, to understand the splendour of the universe.

It must have be the same for the german chemist Dr Plichta. If actually the chemistry and the physics obeyed  to a common law, so he thought, then the astronomy, the teaching of the heavenly bodies, must also be connected with these both sciences. He admired the illuminating moon. He thought to the thesis of renowned scientists who say that the moon is a splittened planet of the earth. Professor Herr, a student of Otto Hahns, had indirectly confirmed this thesis when Plichta once visited him and found him with a thimble of fully black moon-sand and asked him spontaneously, how, according to his opinion, is this sand old ? : the response of the professor didn’t surprise him: " 4,6 billion years : as old as this earth "! As Plichta into the night-heaven, to the good old moon looks up, he spoke loudly to himself: " I have now understood that the puzzle behind which I am, has something to do with the moon. Moon and earth are namely twin-planets ". And so his scientific train of thought takes a quite odd course.

He imagined how it would be, if one day, some astronomers would  be send far away to millions of kilometers into the space? They certainly would be able to see from this distance that the earth and the moon are double-planets. His next question was: what does the moon have to do with the earthly life? And the answer came promptly. The moon determines not only ebb and flood, but has also an influence on the water; because the human being is constitued of two third from water, the moon has therefore directly to do with the human life.

Since he is mathematician, he has to do with numbers. How long does the moon need for her revolution around the earth? Two answers came to him. If we take the so-called sinodic month to the basis, it is 29,53 days. That is, from the view of the earth, the time between new moon and new moon. It is the time, that the moon requires, to be to the same position to the sun. The actual moon-revolution around the earth is 27,32 days.We call this time the siderial month. After this time, our Earth-satellite occupies the same position again with the stars. Therefore the difference between the two moon-months induces that in the meantime the earth moves, and the moon requires more time in order to occupy again its position in the planetary system.

As the german moon-expert began to think about the 27,32 sidonic days(the revolution-time of the moon), occured him, for good reasons, the time of the human pregnancy : " the time, that life grows up in the womb, from the conception to the birth, has the statistical duration of ten siderials months. They are 273 days!!! Ten moon revolutions are a round number. The growth-time of the embryo must have directly to do with the Moon.

Another second number occurred to him, which is from physical meaning. the absolute freezing point. It is 273,2°. Therefore it means that gases per one degree by cooling or warming, contracts or expands about 1/273,2 of their volume. With -273,2°, the expansion of gases egals zero. Smaller can be no material as it is already in this temperature. There must be therefore more than only an instinctive and tides connexion between moon and earth. Because he is talented in the number-theory, comes Dr. Plichta quickly on it. There could be a direct number-connection between moon and earth. Maybe, the revolution-numbers of these two heavenly bodies are linked together? 27,32 days, needs the moon for her revolution around the earth, and 366 days, per leap year, requires the gray planet in order to revolve around the sun.

Without delay Peter Plichta calculated the mathematical reversal-values of their revolution-numbers. What he finds, is extremely convincing. The reversal-value of the moons revolution is,( even if other values are placed), the revolution period of the earth. The reversal-value of the earth revolution gives the revolution period of the moon:

1 / 27,32 = 0,03660.....

1 / 366 = 0.002732.....

Now, there was only one conclusion: moon and earth are together reciprocally linked. " If you are both twins and reciprocally connected ",he thought, " then you cannot have other values than exactly these revolution-values. If I could show that to Kepler.”

How the earth and the moon are together linked through other parameters could be proved : the relationship of their masses is to 1/81. Is not this number (81),( which is the complementary-number of 19), the one of the stable chemical elements(see chapter: Chemistry and 19)? Everything hangs together and forms an Universe.

Galileo Galilei could not be astonished as he discovered the spherical-form of the earth. Columbus not so enthusiastic, when he put his foot on the American continent. The existence-forms of this world, the chemical and physical cosmos are shaped and created, from pure ratios!

The acceleration-time of the moon on her orbit around the earth could also possess an arithmetical connextion with the reciprocal revolution period of the two heavenly bodies, thought Plichta. That was indeed, since her value is 0,273 centimeters per second per square ( expressed 0,273 cm/s2)!!!! Again, the ominous number-sequence appears 273.

Without further hesitancy, Dr. Plichta  once again transformed magically this number, since the radius of the moon is 0,272 earth radiuses!!!

Peter Plichta writes a commentary on this circumstances : " indeed behaves the acceleration of earth and moon reversal like the squares of the radiuses of earth- and moon-orbit. While this is for the physicists a brilliant confirmation of  the newton gravitation-law , the astronomers geniously avoided the question , in the last two hundred years, if the time of the siderial month of 27,32 days can be a coincidence? And then he followed the crowning thought regarding the relation of sun, moon and earth: " the three heavenly bodies sun, earth, moon are so exactly designed in the space so that , the sun and the moon from our view, have exactly the same diameter... After each 18 years and 11,33 days recurs the corresponding eclipse-constellations ". The moon is obscured while she is located in front of the sun and covers his surface to 1:1.

Earth ,moon and sun forms a row. Every one can easily check, that the Sarosperiode corresponds to a number of eclipse cycle-years; and the relationship of 65875,79 days to the length of 346,62 days eclipse-cycle is exactly 19 eclipse-cycle years.

Once again, triumphs one single number. Once again, the number 19 commands all phenomenons. The cosmos of this world seems to be devoted to him. In the holy Koran, God has made the statement : " the sun and the moon follow a reckoning..." (55-6)

Extract from "Worldformula  19" by Stefan Makowski


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