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Finding the message
The NASA Viking spacecraft photographed Cydonia in 1976. A major breakthrough in the investigation of the Cydonia artefacts occurred in 1988 when Erol Torun, a cartographer and systems analyst at DMA (Defense Mapping Agency), joined the Mars Mission team.
Torun became interested in Cydonia after reading Richard Hoagland's book, The Monuments of Mars, as he comments in a letter to the Mars Mission :

"As a geographer, I found your book to be a fascinating description of an equally fascinating subject. While I was impressed with most of the images presented and your description of them, the object that especially caught my attention was the D & M Pyramid. I have a good background in geomorphology and know of no mechanism to explain its formation...

...[Therefore], I decided to study more closely the geometry of the D & M Pyramid because of its impressive symmetry (and its alignment with the Face.) I was not prepared for what I found. The geometry of this object so surprised me that I quickly wrote a semi-formal paper so that I could send my results to you and the Mars Project as soon as possible. I feel that these results argue strongly in favor of Design as the mechanism for the D & M Pyramid's origin..."

Decoding the message
Torun found "coded" in the internal apex angles of the five-sided structure, known as the D & M Pyramid, a series of highly specific, highly redundant mathematical constants and expressions. Further, he discovered these relationships expressed in at least three ways: in the angle ratios of the D & M internal angles (e.g. 60 degrees divided by 69.4 degrees = e/pi = 0.865); in the trigonometric functions of those same angles (sin 60 degrees = e/pi = 0.865); and in the radian measure expressed by a single base angle in the object (49.6 degrees = e/pi radians).

The D & M Pyramid's internal measurements had now become the "Rosetta Stone" of Cydonia, as Richard Hoagland discovered that most of these angles were constantly repeated throughout the whole Cydonia complex : the Face, City, Tholus, Cliff and D & M Pyramid all formed part of a complex design which incorporated a number of significant and redundant figures and angles!

DM Pyramid Angles

Understanding the message
Whoever built Cydonia was trying to tell us something, that much is obvious. Maths is a universal language and constants such as e or pi can be understood by anyone with a basic knowledge of maths notwithstanding what language one talks in.

To cut a long story short (those interested in the details can read the latest edition of "The Monuments of Mars" by Richard C. Hoagland) the basic message of Cydonia is as follows :
Place an imaginary tetrahedron [a pyramid with four surfaces, each of which are equilateral triangles] inside a sphere [e.g. a planet] with one vertex touching the North or South pole and the other 3 vertices will rest at 19.5 degrees North or South latitude at 120 degree intervals around the sphere. Now rotate this sphere at a high rate of speed and something strange occurs. You get an upwelling of energy from within the sphere seemingly coming from nowhere that produces different [visual] effects depending on what your sphere is made up of. For example, if your sphere is made up of magma (molten rock) and a thin surface crust of solid rock, you get a volcanic upwelling at roughly 19.5 degrees N or S latitude.

Link to HyperD Animation

  • Earth : Hawaiian Mauna Kea volcano : 19.6 degrees N ;
  • Mars : Olympus Mons volcano : 19.3 degrees N

    If your sphere is made up of a gas you get a different "visual" effect :

  • Jupiter : The Great Red Spot : ~19.5 degrees S

    More examples of the visible effects of hyperdimensional physics can be found throughout our solar system and are detailed on the Planetary Anomalies page.

    Where is this energy coming from ?

    Hoagland thinks that this energy is "stored" in a higher dimension than ours (mathematicians currently accept that there may be as much as 27 other higher dimensions) and that this energy "cascades" down and emerges into our dimension at the 19.5 degree latitude on rotating, spherical, liquid bodies - planets!
The Future ?
What does all this mean? What practical uses does this new physics have?

If we can somehow tap into this hyperdimensional energy we would have a new unlimited, infinite, non-polluting, free source of energy.
  • No fossil or nuclear fuels
  • No country would need to depend on another country to supply its oil
  • No control over the price of oil and energy : hyperdimensional energy is free
  • No power stations
  • No petrol (gas) stations
  • No electricity grid
  • No pollution
  • Accessible to everyone around the world
  • Unlimited possibilities : think of everything that works with electricity and imagine what it would be like if you don't have to worry about the bill at the end of each month!
  • Spaceflight : what spaceships would we build if we had access to hyperdimensional energy? Maybe someone has already built them before us - UFOs ....?

These factors may be the reason why no-one wants to listen to Hoagland - imagine what would happen to Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC countries when they find that their "black gold" has been turned into "black useless muck" overnight; imagine the loss of government income and control that would result if every single household had the ability to generate electricity without being connected to the national grid

External Link
Hubble's New "Runaway Planet"
A Unique Opportunity for Testing the Exploding Planet Hypothesis and ... Hyperdimensional Physics
by Richard C. Hoagland

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