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Why did Allah Almighty order women to cover up in Islam?

Allah Almighty created us in a beautiful form, and had put in us desires and emotions to make the journey of life more meaningful and to help us be more faithful to our spouses.

Allah Almighty created sexual desires in both men and women to help them live their marital lives together until death separates them.  Otherwise, life would get too boring for the couples very quickly.  He did also create ways for both men and women to increase their sexual desires:

1- For men, the eye is what increases their sexual desires.  That's why it's common for men in the west to look lustfully at western women (who dress inappropriately by exposing 60% of their bodies and up). 

2- For women, the feeling of a touch is what increases their sexual desires.  That is why it is not common among women to look at men lustfully (as much as men do look at women) in the western societies where open sexuality is common among people.  It is generally the men who seek the women and look at them lustfully.  The vise versa is not true!.

Knowing the above facts, it is important for us as good Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") or good followers of Allah Almighty to reduce wickedness in our society to the very minimum.  For these reasons, Allah Almighty ordered women to cover up so that they don't look sexually intimidating, and He ordered men not to touch women whom those men are not their "mahram" (guardians).  In other words, a man can touch his daughter on the shoulder for instance, or his mother.  But he can't go around and touch stranger women, because depending on the woman, this could raise her sexual desires to lead her to commit fornication or adultery.

Men and women in Islam are not also allowed to talk too openly in public together, so no wickedness can take place among them.  Women are encouraged to talk in a low voice and to not hit the ground with their heels too loud when they walk.

These types of teachings keep the society in a healthy mental state.  If you look at the Western World's Grade Schools and High Schools where they have mixed genders, then you would easily see how teenage males (boys) get disturbed and lose focus in their studies because they would be thinking too much about sex with other classmate girls.  

This sexual atmosphere creates nothing but psychological and emotional difficulties and insecurities among the teenage boys, who will then grow up to be sexually insecure.

In Islam, teenage boys and girls are prohibited to attend the same school.  Girls must go to girls schools and boys must go to boys schools.  In Universities its a different case, even though some Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") still believe that there should be Women-only universities and Men-only universities.  But I personally agree with the Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") that don't have a problem with mixed genders universities as long as the men and women dress modestly and Islamicly, because in college, men and women are a lot more mature and responsible than the teenage kids.  Plus it is an opportunity for Muslim men and women to get to know each others for marital purposes, since they are all old enough for marriage.


This is how a typical Muslim woman should look like:

P6_GIRLPRAY.JPG (44197 bytes)          muslima.jpg (14463 bytes)

These are pictures of a typical Muslim woman.  Pure, innocent, virgin (until marriage) and non sexual.  A true man would be willing to die for a true and blessed angel of that kind, because if she's faithful to her GOD Almighty, then she will definitely be faithful to her family.


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