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Why does Islam allow for cousins to marry?

The following article was taken from https://www.answering-christianity.com/blog/index.php/topic,3063.msg14841.html#msg14841:


I had a quick question with regards to cousin niece marriages. I find it to be quite weird to marry members of your own family and your cousins and nieces, also this has been scientifically proven to be harmful, why would islam then allow this if it js a weird marriage between families and can cause harmful babies.


As'salamu Alaikum,

Marriage of cousins is dangerous, just as women getting pregnant at age of 40 is also dangerous.  The comparison in the article is misleading.  If a woman, by choice, is reckless enough today to get married at very late age, and risk having deformed babies due to her eggs being too old, then this is something that can not be upheld or defended.

In my humble opinion, the reason why Islam (all religions on earth also allow it) allows for cousins to marry is for the following reasons:

1-  Children born from cousins-marriage are not always deformed or born with genetic problems.  Many of them are born ok with perhaps minor deformities or issues.

2-  People back then were very tribal.  In the days of the sword, you stuck with your brothers.  Otherwise, you'd end up either dead or a slave.  And your women and children would be enslaved.

But today, we must highly discourage marriage with cousins.  It's dangerous for the children.  Also, all non-related people who have serious genetic issues, such as big birth defects or cancer that runs in the family should be avoided.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah




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