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Is Jesus God Because He Was Called "The Lord Of The Sabbath"?

Bassam Zawadi



Christians often present these verses to show that Jesus claimed to be God...

Matthew 12:8

"For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath." 

Mark 2:28

"Consequently, the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath." 

Luke 6:5

And He was saying to them, "The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath." 

Basically reading the context of these passages shows that Jesus allowed for his disciples to pick up some ears of corn to eat for they were hungry. The Jews were startled at this and Jesus gave them the example of how David and his companions ate the consecrated bread even though it was not allowed. 

Jesus came to basically adjust the Law to be better and not literally break it. 

Now Christians argue that Jesus claimed to be Lord of the Sabbath is something that only God could claim. 

Well there are several replies to this. The first one is given by Sam Shamoun in his debate with on the topic "Is Jesus God", which can be downloaded here

Sam Shamoun tried to show that Jesus calling him self the Lord of the Sabbath means he declared himself to be God. replies back and says that it is only a title of honor and that even the name Gabriel means "strong God". Sam Shamoun replies back.

Sam Shamoun said in the 1st hour, 10th minute 25th second...

You assume that Gabriel is a title referring to the characteristic of the angel. On the contrary, Gabriel is not a title signifying the nature of the angel but signifying the God that the angel represents. Often times, persons and angels are given names, which are depictive of the God that they serve. Example: eeneehoo means "My God is he". That's not calling him God, its calling Yahweh his God. So often times messengers are given names that signify and describe the God that they serve.

Sam Shamoun does not realize that he shot himself in the foot. He said that terms like these could be given to messengers to signify the God that they represent. So isn't it possible that this was a title given to Jesus to signify the God that he came to represent?

Also notice how Shamoun contradicts himself...

Sam Shamoun said in the 1st hour, 51st minute 52nd second...

I didn't say Jesus never said he was God. I didn't say that. Again you misrepresent me even though I corrected that lie and distortion. I said while on earth Jesus didn't say it because he had to safeguard the distinction of persons between the Father and Son and first provide supernatural proof of who he is. Once that was done, once he gave the convincing proof, once he established that he is not the Father then after that he could speak of himself being as God.

Shamoun says that Jesus never claimed to be God while on earth. However, Jesus said that he was the Lord of the Sabbath while he was on earth. So according to Shamoun that means Jesus never claimed to be God by saying that statement. But then Shamoun argues that Jesus did claim that he was God by calling himself the Lord of the Sabbath. But Sam said that Jesus never declared it on earth. It is so clear how Shamoun contradicts himself.

Secondly, we should not forget that Jesus was GIVEN all authority (Matthew 28:8) and therefore had the authority to break the Sabbath with God's permission and will. Therefore, this was only a title of honor in order to signify that authority GIVEN to hm.

Thirdly, Jesus said that "the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath" All Christians agree that when Jesus calls himself the "Son of Man" then he is emphasizing his human nature. Now how can Jesus' human nature claim to be God? Shouldn't it be his Godly nature that does it?

Fourthly, no where do we even see that the Jews accused Jesus of blasphemy when he said this statement. 

As we can see, the argument that Jesus claimed to be God by calling himself the "Lord of the Sabbath" is very weak and will not convince any objective person.





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