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Jihad - Striving for the Cause of Allah Almighty


Issa Ahmad Khalid
(A new convert from Italy)





Without question, one of the most misunderstood issues within Islam by the Western World is the concept of Jihad, and it is the subject I will now cover in this chapter. The concept of Jihad has been purposefully distorted by Christian leaders to further promote their own religion at the expense of Islam. It is a shame when a Christian religious leader feels that the only way for him/her to promote their own faith is by propagating lies about another. The claim that “Islam was spread by the sword” is a false claim built upon lies and deceit, with no historical evidence to substantiate this accusation other than the evidence that the Christian leaders themselves fabricate. All the evidence Christian leaders possess stem from Christian Orientalists whose sole purpose was to discredit Islam. The motivating force behind this is fear and that fear is of TRUTH. Islam is a religion built on truth. There can be no denying The Holy Qur’an as being the True Word of Almighty God. This most Holy Book contains Living Miracles that can be visible to this very day and it will stand for all time. It is this truth that compels Christian leaders to attack Islam because they know deep in their hearts and conscience that it is true and yet they feel that it threatens their very way of life, a way of life that has been built on ease and comfort, at least from a western perspective. It is my purpose, Insha’Allah(God Willing), to expose these lies in this chapter and bring to light the fact that it was the Christian Church itself that was the guilty party of spreading their religion by the sword. I give you Indonesia for example. Here is a country that is predominantly Muslim and yet no Muslim soldier has ever set foot in that country. My question is, How did these people become Muslims if they were not threatened with a sword? If Islam is a religion which was spread by the sword, as the Christian Church falsely claim, then why do we have such strong Christian elements in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, etc…? Should not these Christian elements have been forcibly converted to Islam? Let us now move to examine the facts and bring the truth to light, Insha’Allah(God Willing).


What is Jihad? Jihad is a struggle, not a “Holy War”. It is striving in the Cause of Allah(swt). It has been ordained upon every believer in the Oneness of Almighty God;


"And strive hard for Allah with due striving."  Surah Al-Hajj:78


This striving is one’s personal fight with temptation and sin. When we ward of these temptations to sin, we are performing Jihad. When a Muslim man keeps his head down in the presence of a woman and does not gaze at her, he is performing Jihad. When a Muslim gives up their own life to save that of another person, that is Jihad. These are just some examples of the true meaning of Jihad. Jihad is also defending one’s self or others against oppression and suppression, yet even in this case, there are guidelines that must be followed;


"And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but be not aggressive. Surely, Allah loves not the agressors."  Surah Al-Baqarah:190


In the above passage, Allah(swt) tells us to fight only those who fight you without transgressing any limits which includes innocent men, women, children, homes, places of worship and even livestock and other animals. So compassionate was Prophet Muhammad(saas) towards the innocent that when he marched into Mecca with his army of 10,000 strong, they came upon a dog who had just given birth to a litter of puppies. Prophet Muhammad(saas) placed a guard, Ju'ayl of Damr'ah, over the dog and her litter to ensure that they would not be harmed in any way. This is in direct contrast to what we find in the Bible, which I will cover later in this discourse. So, this fight is only against those who oppress as Allah(swt) tells us in The Holy Qur’an;


"and persecution is worse than slaughter…"  Surah Al-Baqarah:191


However, one of the limits set by Allah(swt) is to cease fighting when our attackers cease to fight us;


"But if they desist, then surely Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful."  Surah Al-Baqarah:192


"So, if they withdraw from you and fight you not and offer you peace, then Allah  allows you no way against them."  Surah Al-Nisa:90


Basically put, if our attackers lay down their arms (weapons), we too must lay down our arms (weapons). This is the true meaning of not transgressing the limits set by Allah(swt). Unfortunately, there have been so-called Muslim rulers in the past and present who have indeed transgressed these limits, however, that is not in accordance with the true teachings of Islam and these people were acting in their own self interests outside the tenants of Islam and the true teachings of Allah(swt) as was revealed to Prophet Muhammad(saas). Muslims should never inflict beyond what was inflicted upon them as was commanded by Allah(swt).


Let us now focus our attention on the Christian concept of fighting which is reflected in both their actions of the past and as of late, which, one could easily say finds support from their own book, the Bible. Let us discuss history and see who is really the guilty party of murder, mayhem and the spreading of religion by the sword through violence and intolerance.


On November 27, 1095 AD, at the Council of Claremont, Pope Urban the 2nd called for a crusade against what he called, “The Muslim Infidels”. His wish was to take Jerusalem from the Muslim Rule, or as he put it, “To Free The Holy Land”. This was actually a fašade for his hidden agenda, which was to find the “FABLED” wealth of the east. The Catholic Church is built on looted and stolen riches from conquered lands as is proven by the wealth of the Vatican in Rome, wealth which is horded rather than used for the betterment and benefit of humanity. At that time, Muslims, Jews and Christians were living in peaceful co-existence since the Caliphate of Umar(ra) for over 400 years, so any act of aggression against the Muslims was both unnecessary and uncalled for. Peter the Hermit led this first crusade and in 1098 AD, these crusaders made their way to the Holy Land. These first crusaders were a rag-tag unorganized fleet of men who massacred thousands of Jews, destroyed homes, Synagouges and set new levels of brutality by decapitating the Jews as well as new levels of barbarity and fanatism by indulging in cannibalism. The Christian crusaders felt justified in their actions against the Jews because they considered the Jews to be the “Killers Of Christ”. Thankfully, they were stopped at Anatolia and the first crusade ended there.


Thus came the second crusade, which was more organized than the first and was led by Knights and Kings and in 1099 AD it succeeded in capturing Jerusalem with an army of more than 100,000 strong. The city  fell after a siege of nearly five weeks in which the Christian crusaders moved in and carried out a savagery the likes of which the world has ever seen. They commenced in murdering, in cold blood, all Muslims and Jews as well as Orthodox Christians who did not adhere to their Latin concept of Christianity. Thousands of bodies were piled up outside the city walls, bodies of the Muslims and Jews who were put to the “SWORD”. The peace and harmony in Palestine, which had lasted since the Caliphate of Umar(ra), ended in a terrible slaughter. The Christian crusaders violated all ethical laws and spread terror in the name of Christianity. “TERRORISTS” indeed. Whereas the Muslims respected the religion of the Jews and the Christians, the Christian crusaders had no tolerance for any religion other than Latin Catholicism and thus put to the “SWORD” all those who refused to be converted, including the Greek Orthodox Christians. The cowardly way in which these Christian crusaders behaved knew no bounds. Reynald of Chatillon, for example, had become infamous for the terrible savagery he had committed against the Muslims, all in the name of Jesus(as). Reynald would attack caravans of unarmed pilgrims on their way to Mecca and treat prisoners with contempt. He illtreated innocent men, women and children, starving them in narrow dungeons. When the hapless Muslim victims would invoke mercy from Reynald, his only reply was, “Ask your Muhammad to save you”. He even went so far as to threaten to remove the remains of Prophet Muhammad(saas) out of his grave (Stakfur’Allah) in Medinah and drag it through the desert into Meccah. Reynald of Chatillon is an example of those whom Prophet Jesus(as) will stand witness against on the Day of Judgement, as Allah(swt) tells us in The Holy Qur’an;


"...and on the Day of Resurrection, he (Jesus) shall be a witness against them." 

Surah Al-Nisa:159


This is also supported by the Bible, in which we find Prophet Jesus(as) saying;


"And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice evil."  Matthew 7:23


The barbaric Christian crusader army made Jerusalem their capital and established a Latin Kingdom whose borders stretched from Palestine to Antioch. However, the rule of the Christian crusaders, who brought savagery to the Holy Land, did not last long. In 1187 AD, the Muslim Ummah, under the leadership of Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub(ra) began to strike back at the Christian crusaders in a true essence of Jihad, wearing them down and eventually defeating them, thus retaking Jerusalem on Friday October 2, 1187. This date marked the anniversary of the “MIRAJ” of Prophet Muhammad(saas). Upon hearing the news that Jerusalem had been re-taken by the Muslims, Pope Urban the 3rd fell down dead. After 88 years of Christian crusader occupation, the Christian crusaders were now scattered and broken, but unlike their Christian counterparts, the Muslims brought no harm to the innocent men, women and children. Not one Christian in the city was harmed. He merely ordered the Latin Catholic Christian crusaders to leave. The Greek Orthodox Christians however, who were not crusaders, were allowed to remain in Jerusalem and worship as they chose. John L.Esposito, a religious scholar, wrote in his book, “Islam-The Straight Path”, page 59;


“The Muslim army was as magnanimous in victory as it had been tenacious in battle. Civilians were spared; churches and shrines were generally left un-touched…Saladin was faithful to his word and compassionate toward non-combatants.”


This is in direct contrast to the behavior displayed by the Christian crusaders. All prisoners of the Muslims were fed and cared for and treated with dignity and respect, unlike the prisoners of the Christian crusaders who, mercilessly killed innocent men, women and children.


Musjid Al-Aqsa was cleansed of the polluted Knights Templars, who had used it as a base of operations as well as setting up a “TOILET”, as a show of disrespect to the Muslims, in the prayer hall. This is contrary to the teachings of Islam, which tells Muslims to respect all houses built for the Worship of Almighty God, regardless of whether it is a Musjid, Church or Synagouge. The Christian crusaders even placed a marble slab over the rock in which Prophet Muhammad(saas) ascended for his “Night Journey”, as well as placing a golden crucifix on the dome of the Musjid. Under Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub(ra), Palestine once again saw the true meaning of justice. Jerusalem was once again open to people of all faiths, to live in peace and harmony. As for the fate of the two leaders of the Christian crusader armies; King Guy was treated humanly and released to return to his home, however, Reynald of Chatillon was rightfully executed for his crimes against humanity. The historian and former Catholic nun Karen Armstrong, in her book “Holy War”, page 185, wrote;


“On October 2, 1187 AD, Saladin and his army entered Jerusalem as conquerors and for the next 800 years Jerusalem would remain a Muslim city. Saladin kept his word, and conquered the city according to the highest Islamic ideals. He did not take revenge for the 1099 AD massacre, as the Qur’an advised;


'And be patient and thy patience is not but by the help of Allah, and grieve not for them, nor be in distress for what they plan.'  Surah Al-Nahl:127


And now that hostilities had ceased, he ended the killing;


'And fight them until there is no persecution, and religion is only for Allah. But if they desist, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors.  Surah Al-Baqarah:193


Not a single Christian was killed and there was no plunder. The ransoms were deliberately very low…Saladin was moved to tears by the plight of families who were rent asunder and he released many of them freely, as the Qur’an urged, though to the despair of his long-suffering treasurers. His brother al-Adil was so distressed by the plight of the prisoners that he asked Saladin for a thousand of them for his own use and then released them on the spot…All Muslims were scandalized to see the rich Christians escaping with their wealth, which could have been used to ransom all the prisoners…[The Patriarch] Heraclius paid his ten-dinar ransom like everybody else and was even provided with a special escort to keep his treasure safe during the journey to Tyre.”


In short, Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub(ra) and the Muslims in his command treated the Christians with great mercy and justice, and even showed them more compassion than their own Christian leaders had. Not only the Christians, but also the Jews had attained peace and security with the conquest of Jerusalem by the Muslims. The well known Jewish poet Yehuda al-Harizi wrote;


“God…decided that the sanctuary would no longer rest in the hands of the sons of Esau…Thus in the year 4950 of Creation[AD 1190] God aroused the spirit of the prince of the Ishmaelites[Salah al-Din], a prudent and courageous man, who came with his entire army, besieged Jerusalem, took it and had proclaimed throughout the country that he would receive and accept the race of Ephraim, wherever they come from. And so we came from all corners of the world to take up residence here. We now live in the shadow of peace.”


It is most unfortunate to note, in light of the above statement, the Palestinians who gave shelter to the Jews in their time of need are now being persecuted by the Khazarian Jews(non-Semitic Jews) who are now occupying Palestine.


After Jerusalem, the Christian crusaders continued their barbarity, unlike the Muslims, who continued their justice in Jerusalem and in other cities. In 1194 AD, a third crusade was attempted under the leadership of Richard the Lionheart, who is portrayed as a great hero in British history. This third crusade, however, failed but not before Richard the Lionheart had 3000 Muslims, among whom were many women and children, ruthlessly and baselessly executed in Castle Acre. Although the Muslims witnessed this savagery, they never resorted to the same methods. The Muslims abided by the Command of Allah(swt);


"And let not the hatred of a people, because they hindered you from the Sacred Mosque, incite you to transgress."   Surah Al-Ma’idah:2


The Muslims never used violence against innocent civilians, unlike the Christian crusaders. They never employed unnecessary violence, not even against the Christian crusader armies they defeated, unlike the Christian crusaders. The savagery of the Christian crusaders and the justice of the Muslims, as proved through historical facts, once more revealed a historic truth: An administration built on the principles of the Islamic Shari’ah allowed people of different faiths to live together in peace, harmony and respect. Unfortunately, Muslims today are faced with another crusade, a crusade which is led by western powers, it is led by western powers who claim to be the so-called brightest beacon of democracy. One can only cry at the atrocities perpetrated against the Muslims in Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, etc…while the west looks on. They look on as the Muslims are being massacred and mutilated all in the name of their own warped ideologies. However, that is a topic for another time.


We must ask ourselves, What compelled these Christian crusaders to behave in such an un-Godly manner towards the Muslims? The answer to that question can be found in their very own Bible. Their “interpretation” of the Bible taught them to inflict terror into the hearts of their so-called enemies, unlike The Holy Qur’an, which teaches you to respect all of Allah’s(swt) creation. Let me give you just some examples;


In the book of Numbers, chapter 31, Almighty God had apparently instructed Prophet Moses(as) and the children of Israel to kill all the Midianites and to spare no lives. Kill all men, women, children, unborn babies still in their mother’s wombs and babies nursing at their mother’s breasts as well as all the beasts of the ground and air. Leave no stone unturned. Almighty God had apparently also commanded Moses(as) and the children of Israel to keep for themselves all the women who have not known a man. Now I ask you dear reader, how can one know if a woman has never been touched by a man unless intercourse is involved? According to this passage, taken out of context, we are led to believe that Almighty God commanded Moses(as) and the children of Israel to commit rape. As a Muslim, I could never believe that Allah(swt) would order such a criminal act and thus refuse to believe the validity of this story as it greatly disrespects Prophet Moses(as). Christians, on the other hand, accept this story as truth and have used this example to commit crimes against humanity. They themselves have taken their own Bible in ignorance without exploring the truth behind this passage.


In the book of 1 Samuel, chapter 15, Almighty God again, apparently, instructs Moses(as) and the children of Israel to do to the Amalekites what they did to the Midianites.


In the book of Psalms 137:9, Prophet David(as) apparently refers to baby killers as “BLESSED”.


i)   In Matthew 10:34, Jesus(as) is quoted as saying that he came to “Bring a sword, not peace”    and in Luke 12:53, he is again quoted as saying that he came to “Bring fire, not peace”.

ii)  In Luke 22:36, Jesus(as) tells his followers to “purchase swords”.

iii) In Luke 19:27, Jesus(as) said in a parable, “All those who did not want me to rule over    them, bring them here and slay them in my presence”.


The above passages, taken out of context, is very much in the line as to what the Christian crusaders did and continue to do to this very day. So-called Christian fundamentalists have been the perpetrators of crimes against humanity for the past 2000 years. Along with the Crusades, they gave us the Inquisition, the Ku Klux Klan, the slave trading and murder of millions of Africans and the near Genocide of the Aboriginals of North America. We also cannot forget Timothy McVeigh, David Korresh and Milosovich of recent times. The Holy Qur’an does not teach this evil, however, it does condemn it. Unfortunately, certain verses of The Holy Qur’an have been taken completely out of context by Christian Orientalists to make it seem that Islam does indeed preach violence. As I have shown above, one can easily use the Bible to prove the same thing by taking certain passages out of context. The examples I have given above are proof of that. One could easily take those Biblical passages and lay a claim that the Christian crusaders were acting in accordance to Biblical teachings. However, as Muslims, we should refrain from such practices. It would be untruthful to engage in this type of behavior. It is necessary to show our Christian brothers and sisters the truth and the way to do that is to set a proper example of truth. There are so many good, pious, godly God Fearing Christians in the world who shudder at the exploits of their own brothers and sisters in faith. These Christians are the “True Believers” and it is to these Christians that we must bring the message of Islam to. However, there also exists a “SATANIC” element in Christianity, led by a number of the Christian clergy, who only wish to spread hate and violence against the Muslims and history is proof of that. This hate and violence continues to exist today. It is seen in the media, books, movies as well as through suppression and oppression. It is propagated in lectures by these so-called men of God who claim sanctity for themselves. What they fail to realize is that Allah(swt) sanctifies. So in conclusion I would like to say that the purpose of me sharing this information is to bring to light a great injustice perpetrated against Islam and the Muslims. An injustice built on lies and deceit. An injustice that must be rectified and the only way to accomplish this, is through “TRUTH”. Jihad is a concept built on truth and when studied in its proper perspective and light, free of religious prejudice, one will indeed see that it is without question striving in the cause of Almighty God. We all have the right to defend ourselves, our homes and our loved ones along with those who are suppressed and oppressed, against those who wish to harm us, against those who wish to invade us. We all have the right to defend ourselves against evil. This is the struggle, this is Jihad.


May Allah(swt) guide us all to the truth, Insha’Allah.




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