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101 Contradictions in the Bibles:

101 Clear Contradictions in the Bible

Shabir Ally

1. Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel?

2. In that count how many fighting men were found in Israel?

3. How many fighting men were found in Judah?

4. God sent his prophet to threaten David with how many years of famine?

5. How old was Ahaziah when he began to rule over Jerusalem?

6. How old was Jehoiachin when he became king of Jerusalem?

7. How long did he rule over Jerusalem?

8. The chief of the mighty men of David lifted up his spear and killed how many men at one time?

9. When did David bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem? Before defeating the Philistines or after?

10. How many pairs of clean animals did God tell Noah to take into the Ark?

11. When David defeated the King of Zobah, how many horsemen did he capture?

12. How many stalls for horses did Solomon have?

13. In what year of King Asa's reign did Baasha, King of Israel die?

14. How many overseers did Solomon appoint for the work of building the temple?

15. Solomon built a facility containing how many baths?

16. Of the Israelites who were freed from the Babylonian captivity, how many were the children of Pahrath-Moab?

17. How many were the children of Zattu?

18. How many were the children of Azgad?

19. How many were the children of Adin?

20. How many were the children of Hashum?

21. How many were the children of Bethel and Ai?

22. Ezra 2:64 and Nehemiah 7:66 agree that the total number of the whole assembly was 42,360. Yet the numbers do not add up to anything close. The totals obtained from each book is as follows:

23. How many singers accompanied the assembly?

24. What was the name of King Abijahs mother?

25. Did Joshua and the Israelites capture Jerusalem?

26. Who was the father of Joseph, husband of Mary?

27. Jesus descended from which son of David?

28. Who was the father of Shealtiel?

29. Which son of Zerubbabel was an ancestor of Jesus Christ?

30. Who was the father of Uzziah?

31. Who was the father of Jechoniah?

32. How many generations were there from the Babylonian exile until Christ?

33. Who was the father of Shelah?

34. Was John the Baptist Elijah who was to come?

35. Would Jesus inherit Davids throne?

36. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on how many animals?

37. How did Simon Peter find out that Jesus was the Christ?

38. Where did Jesus first meet Simon Peter and Andrew?

39. When Jesus met Jairus was Jairus daughter already dead?

40. Did Jesus allow his disciples to keep a staff on their journey?

41. Did Herod think that Jesus was John the Baptist?

42. Did John the Baptist recognize Jesus before his baptism?

43. Did John the Baptist recognize Jesus after his baptism?

44. According to the Gospel of John, what did Jesus say about bearing his own witness?

45. When Jesus entered Jerusalem did he cleanse the temple that same day?

46. The Gospels say that Jesus cursed a fig tree. Did the tree wither at once?

47. Did Judas kiss Jesus?

48. What did Jesus say about Peters denial?

49. Did Jesus bear his own cross?

50. Did Jesus die before the curtain of the temple was torn?

51. Did Jesus say anything secretly?

52. Where was Jesus at the sixth hour on the day of the crucifixion?

53. The gospels say that two thieves were crucified along with Jesus. Did both thieves mock Jesus?

54. Did Jesus ascend to Paradise the same day of the crucifixion?

55. When Paul was on the road to Damascus he saw a light and heard a voice. Did those who were with him hear the voice?

56. When Paul saw the light he fell to the ground. Did his traveling companions also fall to the ground?

57. Did the voice spell out on the spot what Pauls duties were to be?

58. When the Israelites dwelt in Shittin they committed adultery with the daughters of Moab. God struck them with a plague. How many people died in that plague?

59. How many members of the house of Jacob came to Egypt?

60. What did Judas do with the blood money he received for betraying Jesus?

61. How did Judas die?

62. Why is the field called Field of Blood?

63. Who is a ransom for whom?

64. Is the law of Moses useful?

65. What was the exact wording on the cross?

66. Did Herod want to kill John the Baptist?

67. Who was the tenth disciple of Jesus in the list of twelve?

68. Jesus saw a man sitat the tax collectors office and called him to be his disciple. What was his name?

69. Was Jesus crucified on the daytime before the Passover meal or the daytime after?

70. Did Jesus pray to The Father to prevent the crucifixion?

71. In the gospels which say that Jesus prayed to avoid the cross, how many times did he move away from his disciples to pray?

72. Matthew and Mark agree that Jesus went away and prayed three times. What were the words of the second prayer?

73. What did the centurion say when Jesus dies?

74. When Jesus said My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken Me ? in what language did he speak?

75. According to the gospels, what were the last words of Jesus before he died?

76. When Jesus entered Capernaum he healed the slave of a centurion. Did the centurion come personally to request Jesus for this?



79. Apart from Jesus did anyone else ascend to heaven?

80. Who was high priest when David went into the House of GOD and ate the consecrated bread?

81. Was Jesus body wrapped in spices before burial in accordance with Jewish burial customs?

82. When did the women buy the spices?

83. At what time of day did the women visit the tomb?

84. What was the purpose for which the women went to the tomb?

85. A large stone was placed at the entrance of the tomb. Where was the stone when the women arrived?

86. Did anyone tell the women what happened to Jesus body?

87. When did Mary Magdelene first meet the resurrected Jesus? And how did she react?

88. What was Jesus instruction for his disciples?

89. When did the disciples return to Galilee?

90. To whom did the Midianites sell Joseph?

91. Who brought Joseph to Egypt?

92. Does God change his mind?

         Yes. And the Lord repented that he had made Saul King over Israel (I Samuel 15:35). Notice that the above three quotes are all from the same chapter of the same book! In addition, the Bible shows that God repented on several other occasions:

i. The Lord was sorry that he made man (Genesis 6:6)

I am sorry that I have made them (Genesis 6:7)

ii. And the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do to his people (Exodus 32:14).

iii. (Lots of other such references).

93. The Bible says that for each miracle Moses and Aaron demonstrated the magicians did the same by their secret arts. Then comes the following feat:

94. Who killed Goliath?

95. Who killed Saul?

96. Does every man sin?

97. Who will bear whose burden?

98. How many disciples did Jesus appear to after his resurrection?

99. Where was Jesus three days after his baptism?

100. Was baby Jesus life threatened in Jerusalem?

101. When Jesus walked on water how did the disciples respond?





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Just who were the real authors of the Bible?  Today's Books and Gospels' authors of the Bible are UNKNOWN.  See the comments from the NIV Bible itself.

Quotes from the Roman Catholic Encyclopedia admitting that the Bible had been corrupt and the original manuscripts had been lost.

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